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CBD oils: NOW available at Botica di Servicio


Botica di Servicio now offers CBD products from the brand, Pure Spectrum, at all of their 4 pharmacies. A product used internationally by different people of all ages is now available at the Botica di Servicio nearest to you.

The active ingredient is Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, which one of the chemicals known as cannabinoids, which is found in the hemp plant.

The products do not cause the person to feel ‘high’, this is caused by a chemical called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is not found in the CBD products of Pure Spectrum. The products are non-GMO, USA grown, and has a detailed product analysis online, describing every chemical that can be found in each product.

CBD can be the new solution for a majority of people that are looking for a pain reliever without the effects of pharmaceutical medication. CDB oils are made with the CBD extract from the hemp plant and are combined with coconut oil or oil from the hemp seed.

CBD oils benefits:

  1. Can help relieve pain
  2. Can help reduce anxiety and depression
  3. Can help against acne
  4. Can help reduce inflammation

The product line of Pure Spectrum has several products containing CBD in the form of body cream, oil, and face cream. Pure Spectrum provides high-quality CBD products that are trusted and sponsored by USA Triathlon, USA weightlifting, and Crossfit Games. Pure Spectrum is the winner of the “Best CBD Brand” in 2020 at the Cannabis Awards.

For more information about CBD products, Botica di Servicio can be contacted at or +297 640-8443.