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Word of the Week

Bonus Game: play online and win
  • Every time you use your Fun Miles card at a Fun Miles partner and save, a letter will appear in the dedicated online environment on the campaign website.
  • Exceptions:
  • McDonalds: a letter will appear in the dedicated online environment when you redeem your Fun Miles at McDonalds.  
    • MCB Bankomatiko: you will receive maximum 1 bonus letter per week for any use of your Bankomatiko card (Bankomatiko card must be linked to your Fun Miles account).
    • MCB Kompa Leon: excluded, because Kompa Leon awards Fun Miles on a monthly basis.
    • MyMalls: excluded, because MyMalls awards Fun Miles on a monthly basis. 
    • ENNIA: excluded, because ENNIA awards Fun Miles on a monthly basis.
    • Kooyman MEGA Miles: excluded, because MEGA Miles are awarded on a quarterly basis.
  • The online game runs from Thursday to Wednesday. A new online game starts every Thursday.
  • With a minimum of 2 letters, you can start guessing the Word of the Week and submit your answer.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email when you submit your correct answer.
  • Once you submit your correct answer, you have completed the week’s game and you’ll be eligible for the week’s draw. You'll be able to play again the following week.
  • The winners will be announced every Thursday. Winners will receive an email.
  • Note that letters may not appear in real time after swiping your Fun Miles card. There may be some delay in processing purchases at certain participating partners
Rules & Regulations:
  • You need to be a registered and active Fun Miles cardholder and a resident of Curaçao. Collecting any of the prizes requires you to show a valid Fun Miles card. 
  • Prizes are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for money at participating companies
  • Employees of Fun Miles and responsible advertising agencies are excluded from participation.
  • Fun Miles, its partners and agencies are not responsible for any printing errors or typographical errors.


Wega Bonus Palabra di Siman

Wega Bónus: ‘Palabra di Siman’: partisipá ‘online’ i gana
  • Kada bes ku bo usa bo karchi di Fun Miles i spar, un lèter lo aparesé den e wega virtual ku bo por haña riba e wèpsait di e kampaña.
  • Eksepshonnan:
  • McDonalds: Lo bo risibí un leter kaba bes ku bo troka bo Fun Miles na Mcdonalds.
    • MCB Bankomátiko: Lo bo risibí maximal un (1) lèter mane bonus pa siman, ora ku bo usa bo tarheta Bankomátiko (Bo tarheta Bankimatiko mester ta di link ku bo kuenta di Fun Miles) .
    • MyMalls (ta ekskluí; MyMalls ta otorgá Fun Miles tur luna).
    • MCB Kompa Leon (ta ekskluí; Kompa Leon ta otorgá Fun Miles tur luna)
    • ENNIA (ta ekskluí; ENNIA ta otorgá Fun Miles tur luna)
    • Kooyman MEGA Miles (ta ekskluí; MEGA Miles ta keda otorgá kada kuartal.)
  • E wega ‘online’ ta kana di djaweps pa djárason. Tur djaweps ta kuminsá un wega ‘online’ nobo.
  • Ku un mínimo di dos (2) lèter bo por kuminsá rei e ‘Palabra di Siman’ i partisipá.
  • Lo bo risibí un e-mail di konfirmashon ora ku bo kontesta ta korekto!
  • Unabes bo tin e kontesta korekto, bo a kompletá e wega ‘online’ di e respektivo siman i bo ta eligibel pa e sorteo di siman. Bo por bolbe partisipá e siguiente siman.
  • Lo anunsiá e ganadornan tur djaweps. Ganadornan lo risibí un e-mail.Tuma nota ku kisas e lèternan no ta paresé mesora, ora bo kaba di swaip bo karchi di Fun Miles. Por sosodé ku tin un retraso den e proseso pa registrá bo kompra serka e Fun Partner partisipante.
Regla i Kondishon di partisipashon:
  • Bo mester ta un miembro registrá i aktivo di Fun Miles. Ora ku bo tuma premio, ta rekerí pa mustra bo karchi di Fun Miles. Ganadornan mester ta miembro registrá di Fun Miles i residente di Kòrsou.
  • Premionan no por wòrdu kambiá pa plaka na kompanianan partisipante.
  • Empleadonan di Fun Miles i agensianan di publisidat ta keda ekskluí di partisipashon.
  • Fun Miles, su partnernan i su agensianan no ta responsabel pa kualke eror den imprenta, gráfiko òf tipográfiko
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