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What is Fun Miles?

Fun Miles is the Caribbean’s most popular customer reward program. When you shop at participating companies, you 
are rewarded with Fun Miles, points that work like a currency. You can redeem them for travel, food, shopping, gasoline, 
hardware, building materials movie & event tickets and much, much more.

100+ Brands!

Fun Miles enables you to do fun things at your favorite companies on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, and St. Maarten. It’s 
easy, free and most of all: FUN! You will receive Fun Miles whenever you make a purchase at participating companies. 
Just hand the cashier your Fun Miles card. Your Fun Miles will be added to your balance automatically.

Your Fun Miles questions answered!

+ - Is Fun Miles free?

Once you have your card, saving and enjoying Fun Miles is completely free. The Fun Miles card itself is available at the Fun Miles office and participating companies for a small one-time administrative fee of just f 5.

+ - How to get started?
  • With your Fun Miles card, you can start saving Fun Miles immediately.
  • To be able to redeem Fun Miles, you need to register first. You can do so here or at the Fun Miles office. It’s free and easy!
+ - How does saving Fun Miles work?

You will receive Fun Miles whenever you make a purchase at participating companies. Just hand the cashier your Fun Miles card. Your Fun Miles will be added to your balance automatically.

+ - I’ve saved some Fun Miles; how do I redeem them?

Redeeming Fun Miles for fun things is easy: just hand the cashier your card, enter your PIN and you’re done.

+ - How do I get my PIN?

You will need your 4-digit PIN whenever you want to redeem Fun Miles or check your balance. To get your PIN, please register here and accept the Terms & Conditions. Your PIN will be mailed to you instantly.

+ - I forgot my PIN! What should I do?

You can drop by the Fun Miles office, where we will solve the problem on the spot. (Please bring your Fun Miles card and ID.)

+ - Where can I save and redeem?

At many of the island’s leading businesses! (Look for the Fun Miles door stickers.) For an up-to-date overview of all partners, click here or download the free Fun Miles App.

+ - How many Fun Miles do I have?

There are so many ways to do it:

  • On the Login/Sign up page on this site
  • With the terminals at the partners. Ask for it!
  • With an SMS: text ‘MILES’ to 2222 (first register your phone number here)
  • Or simply check the monthly email newsletter. The balance is posted at the top of the email. If they do not receive a newsletter yet, they can subscribe by adding their email address via ‘Edit profile
+ - Will my Fun Miles card ever expire?

Only if you never use it. You need to save or redeem Fun Miles at least once a year to keep your balance intact.

+ - What should I do when my Fun Miles card is lost or stolen?

Please block it immediately (log in and ‘BLOCK CARD’), or contact us. We will gladly help you and make sure you don’t lose your saved Fun Miles.

+ - How do I link my Fun Miles card to my bank card from MCB?

Visit your bank and use the easy terminals, or simply do it online with @MCB-HOME by following these steps:

  • Login to @MCB-HOME Online Banking
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Register Fun Miles Card
  • Enter your 12-digit Fun Miles card number and click ‘submit
    Click on 'confirm'


You can also link your cards at our Fun Miles office.

+ - How can I reload my Chippie credit with Fun Miles?

Reloading your UTS Chippie balance with Fun Miles is easy:

To reload for f 10 (500 FM):                  SMS RC 500 to 2222
To reload for f 25 (1250 FM):                 SMS RC 1250 to 2222
To view your FM balance:                      SMS MILES to 2222

Note: to be able to reload, it’s important that your Chippie phone number is correctly registered in your user profile.

+ - What should I do if I want to quit Fun Miles?

Reconsider, of course, because you would be missing out of a lot of free and fun benefits! In all seriousness, however, you always have the option to leave Fun Miles. Please contact our customer service to do so. Your card will be cancelled and your profile deleted. 

+ - Tips for maximum fun!
    • Always carry your Fun Miles card!
    • Present your Fun Miles card at the cash register

    (cashiers sometimes forget to ask for it)

Benefit from the many fun campaigns.

    • Check this site regularly for the latest news.
    • Like our Fun Miles page on Facebook Fun Miles or 
  • download the FREE Fun Miles mobile app for Android or for IOS

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Two secrets to saving Fun Miles superfast!


Register your Fun Miles card at ENNIA and you will automatically receive 1 Fun Mile for every f 5 you spend on your ENNIA insurance payments. With some insurance types, you even get double or triple Fun Miles!
Register now and see all the details.

With your bank SmartCard

That’s right: save Fun Miles EVERY TIME you pay with your MCB Bankomatiko Smart Card! (1 Fun Mile per f 5). Get started by registering your Fun Miles card online: MCB@HOME, go to ‘My Settings’, click ‘Link Fun Miles’ and follow the steps. You will start saving Fun Miles with ALL your card payments, not just at the Fun Miles partners. (Although when you do shop at those partners, you will earn Fun Miles twice: once from the partner and once from MCB!). Fun Miles and MCB, 2x better together!

Forgot PIN?
In order to reset your PIN, please fill in your Fun Miles Card Number and Email
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