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Fun news

Kooyman now transfers Fun Miles to clients daily


So cardholders can enjoy them quicker

Kooyman now transfers Fun Miles to clients daily

Many clients choose Kooyman; not just because it has everything to get the job done, but also because they can save and redeem Fun Miles there. Previously, Kooyman transferred saved Fun Miles to cardholders at the end of the month, but from January 1st, it will do so every day. This will enable cardholders to redeem these Miles virtually immediately. Kooyman's special Mega Miles are a separate extra incentive and will still be awarded at the end of each quarter.

About Kooyman

Kooyman is a household name in our community. It is widely known as the one-stop-shop for building materials, hardware and home improvement. With a constantly updated assortment of more than 25,000 products, clients are sure to find what they need. Whatever the job may be, they will get it done thanks to the staff’s knowledgeable advice and recommendations.

Mega Miles

Kooyman's Mega Miles are a gift on top of the regular Fun Miles and are not transferred daily, but at the end of each quarter. Here’s how it works: shoppers will receive at least 2x Fun Miles on all their Kooyman purchases. When they buy & swipe, they'll receive 1x Fun Miles (transferred to cardholders daily from January 1st, 2019). At the end of each quarter, all their purchases are added up and automatically rewarded with up to 4x extra Fun Miles, depending on the amount spent. These Fun Miles can really add up quickly. More information is available at