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The Grand Prizes – 1 MILLION Fun Miles!

On the back of a Fun Dominoes cards, you'll find a domino tile. Cut out these tiles and glue them to the special Fun Dominoes game board (available for free at participating companies). Important: standard dominoes rules apply, so the numbers must match, and the starting tile must be the double six. Every Fun Dominoes game board with 10 correctly matched domino tiles can enter the raffle to participate to win one of the Grand Prizes:


  • 1 MILLION Fun Miles!
  • f 1,000 gift certificate from Kooyman (5x)
  • 20,000 Fun Miles from ENNIA (5x)
  • f 500 Kompa Leon gift card from MCB (5x)
  • f 250 gift certificate from ASOgas (10x)
  • f 1,000 travel voucher from Mau-Asam Travel (1x)
  • f 500 gift certificate from WIMCO (5x)
  • f 1,500 travel voucher from TUI (1x)
  • Alcatel Life Camera from UTS (10x)
  • f 500 Rituals of Namaste Set from Rituals (1x)
  • f 500 gift certificate from Betonindustrie Brievengat (1x)
  • 1 FREE minute of picking candy at Jamin (1x)
  • f 125 gift certificate from Changes, ProSport, Converse or Feetfirst (20x)


The Fun Dominoes game boards (with 10 correctly matched domino tiles, starting with the double six) should be deposited in the raffle bins at Changes Punda, ENNIA Sambil, Kooyman Zeelandia & Jan Noorduynweg, Van den Tweel Supermarkt, or at the Fun Miles office in Dominguito.      

The Grand Prize winners will be announced in the first week of February 2019.

Fun Dominoes Main Sponsors             


Participating companies on Curaçao

Aldo Shoes, ASOgas, AutoCity, Betonindustrie Brievengat, Bob Carwash, Body Care Caribbean, Bruna, Changes, Changes ProSport, Coca-Cola, Converse, DA Drogist, ENNIA, Feetfirst, Jamin, Kooyman, Mau-Asam Travel, MCB, McDonald's, Pearle Vision, Rituals, SuperKidz, TDS, The Movies, Top 1 Toys, TUI, UTS, Van den Tweel Supermarkt and WIMCO.

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