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Fun Quartets

November 01, 2022 – January 12th, 2023. 

How does it work?

It's easy and fun! Play offline Fun Quartets for the grand prize, and Scratch & Score online for many instant prizes. 

How to play offline for the grand prizes: 

  • Shop at the Fun Partners and collect Fun Quartets game cards 
  • Ask for the free game board at participating partners 
  • Glue 4 different complete series of 4 cards to the game board. 
  • At least one of these must be a Main Sponsor series. 
  • Don’t forget to fill out your Fun Miles card number! And make sure your card is registered. 
  • Ready? Deposit your board(s) in the raffle box at one of the Fun Quartets Partners. Good luck! 


How to play online for the amazing instant prizes: 

  • Scratch off the code that you received with your Fun Quartets cards 
  • Go to the link Scratch & Score bonus game
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and beat the keeper! 
  • Won a prize? Congrats! Collecting it is easier than ever. Simply go to the Fun Partner that the prize is from, and swipe your Fun Miles card. Thanks to the innovative terminal, you can redeem your prize on the spot, quickly and easily.
  • Won several prizes? Click here for a neat overview to keep track of your winnings. 


Collect your own Fun Miles quartets and play with family & friends 

Here's another fun suggestion: use the cards to play the classic quartets game at home. The rules are simple: 

Make sure you have at least 3 players*. Shuffle the cards and divide them evenly between the players, who hold the cards so that the others can't see them. The player to the dealer's left starts by asking another player if they have a certain card (for example: "types of goals: penalty") which would help the player create a quartet. If the player has the card, they hand it over. If the player doesn't, then it becomes her or his turn to ask. 

When a player creates a quartet, the cards creating the quartet are placed in front of the player. 

The game ends when all the quartets have been created. The winner is the person with the most quartets. Have fun! 

* Want to play with two players? You can! Each player starts with 7 cards. The remaining cards are stacked face-down. When a player requests a card that the other does not have, the player has to take a card from the stack and loses the turn. Otherwise, the same rules apply.   

Fun Miles even has a limited-edition free box to collect the Fun Quartets, which will be available during the Fun Miles Roadshows in January and at the Fun Miles office (only on Curaçao). Get yours while supply last.

Very important: make sure your Fun Miles card is registered! 

To be able to win, your Fun Miles card must be registered. If it isn't yet, quickly do so right here. It's free and will only take a couple of minutes.  

This campaign is valid until January 12th, 2023. 

Rules & regulations Fun Quartets 

  • You need to be a registered and active Fun Miles cardholder and a resident of Curaçao to participate and be eligible to win any of the prizes. Collecting any of the prizes requires you to show a valid Fun Miles card. Grand prize and Golden Ball prize winners need to be registered Fun Miles cardholders and residents of Curaçao. 
  • If your Fun Miles card is not active, but blocked or expired, you will not be eligible to win any of the prizes.  
  • Winners are required to have a fully completed profile on, including valid e-mail address, home address and phone number. 
  • You must write down your 12-digit Fun Miles card number on the Fun Quartets Game board to be eligible to win one of the grand prizes.
  • For a chance to win one of the grand prizes, deposit your fully completed Fun Quartets game board in the raffle bins at participating partners, before January 12th, 2023. 
  • Fun Quartets cards, online codes and game boards can NOT be used on other islands. Each island has its own Fun Quartets cards, online codes and game boards. 
  • The grand prize winners on Curaçao will be announced in the third week of January, 2023. 
  • The person registered to the winning Fun Miles card number will receive the grand prize. 
  • The grand prize car is a promo model and may have some mileage. 
  • Grand prize cars may be outfitted with logos, which winners are required to keep on the car for at least one year. 
  • Conditions apply to the free minute of shopping at Van den Tweel: alcohol and tobacco are excluded. 
  • Fun Quartets cards and game boards are available at all participating companies until supplies last. Participating companies reserve the right to not give out Fun Quartets cards in combination with any other promotions of discounts that they might be offering.  
  • Prizes are non-refundable and can'not be exchanged for money at participating companies. 
  • Employees of Fun Miles and the responsible advertising agencies are excluded from participation. 
  • Fun Miles, its partners and agencies are not responsible for any printing errors or typographical errors.
  • Instant prizes at Kooyman do not apply to online purchases, current specials, volume discounts, cement, lumber & board, rebar, welded mesh, roofing sheets. Cash & carry only.


Fun Quartets

November 01, 2022 – January 12th, 2023. 

Kon pa partisipá?

 E ta fásil i fun! Kolektá Fun Quartets i keda ku chèns di gana e Premio Grandi, ‘raspa’ i skor online premionan instantáneo.

Partisipá pa e premio grandi:

  • Kumpra na un Fun Partner i kolektá e karchinan di wega Fun Quartets.
  • Puntra pa bo bòrchi di wega grátis na un Fun Partner.
  • Leim 4 serie diferente i kompletu riba e bòrchi di wega.
  • Mínimo un di nan mester ta un Patrosinador Mayor.
  • No lubidá di yena bo number di bo karchi di Fun Miles! Sigurá ku bo karchi ta registrá i aktivo.
  • Kla? Depositá bo bòrchi(nan) di wega den e buzon na un Fun Partner di Fun Quartets. Suèrte!


Partisipá online pa premionan instantáneo:

  • Raspa e kódigo ku bo ta risibi ku bo karchinan di Fun Quartets.
  • Bishita Scratch & Score bonus game
  • Sigui e instrukshonnan i hinka e gol!
  • B’a gana? Pabien! Bai serka e Fun Partner di kual premio bo a gana, swipe bo karchi di Fun Miles i risibi bo premio. Bo por risibi bo premio einan mes, fásil i lihé!
  • Bo a gana diferente premio? Klik aki pa un bista kompletu di manera ku bo por keda na altura di tur bo premionan.

Kolektá bo propio kwartèt di Fun Miles i hunga ku famia I amigunan

 Ata otro sugerensia fun: usa e karchinan pa hunga e wega klásiko di kwartèt na kas mes. E reglanan ta simpel: Bo mester tin mínimo 3 hungadó*.

‘Shòbel’ e karchinan i dividí nan igual entre tur hungadó, tene e karchi di manera ku niun hende por wak nan. E hungadó na man robes di e dealer ta puntra si tin un karchi (por ehèmpel: tipo di gol: “pinalti”) esaki lo yuda e hungadó krea su kwartèt. Si e hungadó tin e karchi, nan ta entregá esaki. Si e hungadó no tin’é, e or’ei ta bira su turno pa puntra.

Unabes un hungadó tin un kwartèt, e karchinan ku kual ta sera e kwartèt ta wòrdu pone dilanti di e hungadó. E wega ta kaba ora tur kwartèt a keda kreá. E ganador ta e persona ku e mayor kantidat di kwartèt. Esta great! ‘Have fun!’.

Bo ke hunga ku dos persona? Bo por! Kada hungadó ta kuminsá ku 7 karchi. E karchinan ku sobra ta keda pone riba otro, ku kara abou. Ora un hungadó pidi un karchi ku e otro no tin, e hungadó tin ku kue un for di e bará i ta pèrdè su turno. Visevèrsa e mesun regla ta konta.

Fun Miles tin un edishon limitá di un ‘kaha di kolekshon’ pa e kwartèt, kual ta optenibel na Fun Miles su Roadshow (únikamente na Kòrsou) i na ofisina di Fun Miles.

Hopi Importante: sigurá ku bo karchi di Fun Miles ta registrá!

Pa bo gana, bo karchi di Fun Miles mester ta registrá. Si esaki no ta asina, hasi esei awòki mes. E ta grátis i lo tuma únikamente algun minüt.

E kampaña ta bálido te yanüari 12, 2023.

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