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Fun news

50% EXTRA FUN MILES! Just pick the right service station to benefit


Extra rewards are back at ASOGAS. Starting this month, if you want you can get 50% extra Fun Miles every day of the week. Just pick your favorite service station on the right day to take advantage of this deal.

Monday at Parera
Tuesday at Pablo Frederick
Wednesday at Buena Vista
Thursday at Scheidelaar
Saturday at Emmastad
Sunday at Tera Kòrá & De Ruyterkade

How many Miles do you get?

  1. Your base savings at any ASOGAS Station are 1 Fun Mile for every 2 liters. For instance, if you get 40 liters of fuel, you receive 20 Fun Miles.
  2. On the selected day of the week and corresponding service station, you get 50% more:

      20 + 10 = 30 Fun Miles.*


For the duration of the 3-month campaign, in addition to your extra savings, every week you also have the chance to win a voucher for 100 guilders worth of fuel, redeemable at any of the ASOGAS Stations. And stay tuned for more reward surprises to come!**

* The total number of liters and Fun Miles are rounded down. For instance, if you got 13.62 liters, this number is rounded down to 13 liters. For this you get your base savings of 13/2 = 6.5 à 6 Fun Miles. 50% extra on the right day of the week and corresponding service station, gives you a total of: 6 + 3 = 9 miles.

 ** The campaign is valid until december 31st . The winning fuel vouchers are valid for 3 months.