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ABC… Easy as 1 2 3



ABC… Easy as 1 2 3

“Let’s take the bus together, baby, you and me!”

Travel by bus the smart way: with your Smartpass and Fun Miles! No need to carry cash around, and you can save and redeem Fun Miles while you’re at it. 

Public Transport is a lot easier and safer with ABC’s SmartPass. And now it’s also more FUN! Because as of September 7th you can save and redeem Fun Miles at Autobusbedrijf Curaçao in three easy steps:

  1. Recharge your SmartPass
  2. Save and Redeem Fun Miles
  3. Travel by bus easy and safe

With your ABC SmartPass, you can travel by bus anytime, anywhere, without cash on hand. Save or redeem Fun Miles when you top up your SmartPass at ABC counters in Punda and Otrobanda or at the main office in Buena Vista.

You receive 1 Fun Mile for every NAf. 2,50 spent, or just redeem your miles for the desired amount of travel credit.