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Add Card


Fun Miles cards sometimes get lost, damaged or stolen. If this ever happens to you, no worries!

Thanks to the new ‘Add Card’ feature on our website and in our app, you can now easily add a new Fun Miles card to your existing profile.

This means that you will conveniently keep:

your saved Fun Mile
your Fun Miles profile
your transaction history
the same PIN

How does it work? Easy!

Is your existing Fun Miles card lost, damaged or stolen? Follow these easy steps:

Get a new card at any Fun Miles partner or at our office for just f 5 / $ 3
Login to or into our free app and go to ‘Add Card’

  1. Fill out the fields and click ‘send’
  2. You will receive a confirmation email, and you’re all set!


Once you’ve added your new card, you can no longer use the old one.

Important tip: link you new card at selected companies

Remember to register your new card number at companies like ENNIA, MCB, MyMalls, and Epost. These companies enable you to save lots of Fun Miles, but you need to register your card number there first.