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Fun news

Yes, MyMalls is still delivering you packages quickly, and with Fun Miles!


Even now, our partner MyMalls is dedicated to shipping your US online orders right to your doorstep. Although it cannot guarantee the usual 24- to 48-hour delivery time due to the crisis, they are still working hard to maintain this window. As always, you’ll earn 1 Fun Mile for every dollar you spend on shipping.

Important: don't forget to add your Fun Miles card number to your account once you're signed up. Are you already a MyMalls member? Linking your Fun Miles card is easy. Do it within 60 seconds here.

For more information on how to shop online and ship with MyMalls, and what you should know in the current situation, make sure to read the latest updates here. Or get in touch with their highly responsive customer service at, or use the nifty chat option on the website.