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Staycation fun at super friendly prices!


We’re all getting ready for a staycation this year. Fortunately, we live on an amazing island with world-famous attractions like the Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Dolphin Academy and Ocean Lens. And the best thing is that they’re treating you to amazing special prices this summer! Enjoy!

Curaçao Sea Aquarium entrance:

Kids (Ages 5-12)            f 5 or 250 FM
Adults                          f 10 or 500 FM

For more info (about special summer activities, for example) check out Curacao Sea Aquarium’s Facebook page.

Staycation Prices Summer 2020

Curaçao Sea Aquarium

Kids (Ages 5-12)                                    f 5 or 250 FM
Adults                                                  f 10 or 500 FM

Dolphin Academy Curacao

Dolphin Encounter                                f 45 or 2,250 FM
Dolphin Swim                                       f 85 or 4,250 FM

Ocean Lens

Sneak Peek Kids                                    f 5 or 250 FM
Sneak Peek Adults                                 f 10 or 500 FM
Ocean Lens Tour kids (8 – 12 years)        f 25 or1,250 FM
Ocean Lens Tour adults                         f 50 or 2,500 FM

Valid untill Juni 14th