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Brakkeput Mei Mei


Out of the box BBQ” take-out box for two persons – Nafl. 75,- or 3.750 FM or 2.500 FM plus Nafl. 25,-

 BBQ box menu:

 -Loin Ribs
-Tenderloin saté
-Chicken thighs saté
-Fried fish
-Pork fillet
-Mushroom pilaf rice
-Sauteed green beans
-Oven roasted potato
-Corn on the cob
-Fried funchi
-Mini baguette
-Salsa rosada
-Chimmichurri sauce
-Peanut sauce

Order every Saturday and Sunday, pick-up time between 12 PM and 8 PM:

Order via or call us at 767 1500