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October 15, 2021 – January 27, 2022

Prizes - Curacao
  • A brand-new Honda HV-R from AutoCity (including 1 year car insurance from ENNIA, 1.000 FL giftcard from Asogas and 1.000 FL giftcard from BOB Carwash)
  • A diamond tennis bracelet from Freeport Jewelers
  • A 500 guilders giftcard from Jamin
  • A 500 guilders Kompaleon giftcard from MCB
  • A 500 guilders giftcard from Asogas
  • A 500 guilders giftcard from BOB Auto Carwash
  • Two round trip tickets to Sint Maarten from Jetair
  • A Table Tennis Table from Changes
  • One minute shopping from Van den Tweel (excluding liquor and cigarettes) 
  • A Samsung tablet from Flow
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