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Let's have fun!

Let's have fun!

What is Fun Miles?

Fun Miles is the Caribbean’s most popular customer reward program. When you shop at participating companies, you 
are rewarded with Fun Miles, points that work like a currency. You can redeem them for travel, food, shopping, gasoline, 
hardware, building materials movie & event tickets and much, much more.

100+ Brands!

Fun Miles enables you to do fun things at your favorite companies on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, and St. Maarten. It’s 
easy, free and most of all: FUN! You will receive Fun Miles whenever you make a purchase at participating companies. 
Just hand the cashier your Fun Miles card. Your Fun Miles will be added to your balance automatically.

Your Fun Miles questions answered!

+ - Is Fun Miles free?

Once you have your card, saving and enjoying Fun Miles is completely free. The Fun Miles card itself is available at the Fun Miles office and participating companies for a small one-time administrative fee of just $3 .

+ - How do I get a Fun Miles card?

Get the card at a Fun Miles partner company or at the Fun Miles office. It’s just 3 Dollars, a one-time fee with no charges ever again.

+ - How to get started?
  • With your Fun Miles card, you can start saving Fun Miles immediately.
  • You need to register first. You can do so here or at the Fun Miles office. It’s free and easy!
+ - Will I be able to use my card right away?

Only to save Fun Miles. To also be able to redeem them, and to enjoy the full benefits, you will need to register your card. This is free.

+ - How does saving Fun Miles work?

You will receive Fun Miles whenever you make a purchase at participating companies. Just hand the cashier your Fun Miles card. Your Fun Miles will be added to your balance automatically.

+ - I’ve saved some Fun Miles; how do I redeem them?

Redeeming Fun Miles for fun things is easy: just hand the cashier your card, enter your PIN and you’re done.

+ - What can I redeem my saved Fun Miles for?

For great products and services at many Fun Miles partners. Shopping, food, travel, health & beauty, hardware & materials, fuel, movie & event tickets and much more. See the partner tab in the app or the Fun Partners page on for more info.

+ - Can I redeem with a combination of Fun Miles and money?

Yes. For your convenience, it is nearly always possible to pay partially with Fun Miles, and partially with money.

+ - What happens with my saved Fun Miles when I return an article?

When you return an article, the Fun Miles that you earned when purchasing it will be deducted from your Fun Miles balance.

+ - Where can I save and redeem?

At many of the island’s leading businesses! (Look for the Fun Miles door stickers.) For an up-to-date overview of all partners, or download the free Fun Miles App.

+ - I entered a wrong PIN 3+ times at a terminal or on a website when trying to pay with Fun Miles. What to do?

When you accidentally enter the wrong PIN more than three times at a terminal or on a website when trying to pay with Fun Miles, your card will automatically be blocked for your safety. Please contactus, and we will gladly solve this for you.

+ - How do I get my PIN?

You will need your 4-digit PIN whenever you want to redeem Fun Miles or check your balance. To get your PIN, please register your card here

+ - I forgot my PIN! What should I do?

Please click here! You will receive further instructions through email. You can also drop by the Kooyman service desk for further assistance. Please bring your Fun Miles card and ID)

+ - I forgot my username and/or password! What should I do?

No worries! Click 'login/sign up' near the top right of this page. Then click 'forgot password?' and follow the instructions. We recommend using your email address as your username since it's easy to remember. Your password should contain at least 8 characters and must include uppercase, lowercase, and one or more numbers and symbols, such as !#%^&*, etc. An example of a password that meets these criteria would be 'Funmiles00!' (But please create your own version.)

+ - How many Fun Miles do I have?

There are so many ways to do it:

+ - Will my Fun Miles card ever expire?

Only if you never use it. You need to save or redeem Fun Miles at least once a year to keep your balance intact.

+ - What should I do when my Fun Miles card is lost or stolen?

Please block it immediately on (login and select ‘Block card’) or contact our customer service. We will gladly help you and make sure you don’t lose your saved Fun Miles.

+ - How do I reach Fun Miles’ customer service?

We are here for you! Message us through the Fun Miles app, on WhatsApp (+599 9 560 3300), on Facebook, via email , on (click ‘contact us’) or give us a call (+599 9 465 3300).

+ - How do I link my Fun Miles card to my bank card from MCB?
  • Login to MCB online Banking
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Register Fun Miles Card’
  • Enter your 12-digit Fun Miles card number and click ‘submit’
+ - How can I reload my Chippie credit with Fun Miles?

Reloading your UTS Chippie balance with Fun Miles is easy:

To reload for $ 6 (500 FM):         SMS RC 500 to 2222

To reload for $ 14 (1250 FM):     SMS RC 1250 to 2222

To view your FM balance:                  SMS MILES to 2222

Note: to be able to reload, it’s important that your Chippie phone number is correctly registered in your user profile on

+ - How do I register my Fun Miles card at ENNIA?

If you register your Fun Miles card at ENNIA, you will automatically receive 1 Fun Mile for every f 5 you spend on your ENNIA insurance payments. With some insurance types, you will even get double or triple Fun Miles! Simply provide your card number to the person assisting you at ENNIA, or register online: visit and fill out the digital form.

+ - Help, my card is damaged! How can I get a duplicate?

If your card is torn or otherwise damaged, you can request a duplicate.
You can do so for just $3 at Multi-Post on Kaya Industria 2. Just drop in, and you’ll have your duplicate card within five minutes. 

+ - Is it possible to save extra Fun Miles?

Yes, Fun Miles and its partners treat you to extra Fun Miles quite often. For example: gas stations may reward you with 2x Fun Miles on fixed days. At Kooyman, you can earn up to 5x Fun Miles, depending on how much you spend. And there are lots of specials and campaigns that involve extra Fun Miles. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

+ - Why do I have a negative Fun Miles balance?

This is possible, for instance when you’ve returned an article and your Fun Miles have been deducted from your balance, or when new Fun Miles haven’t been added to your balance yet. 

With a negative balance, you can still save Fun Miles, but not redeem them.

+ - Can I also save and redeem Fun Miles at Fun Partners abroad?

Yes, you can enjoy Fun Miles on Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and St. Maarten. Find listings of the local Fun Partners in the app. Whenever you travel to one of these islands, change your island in the app’s settings to see the local Fun Miles partners.

+ - How long will my saved Fun Miles remain valid?

Theoretically, your Fun Miles can expire. But it’s easy to prevent this: just remember to use your Fun Miles card at least once a year by saving or redeeming at any of our partners. Your Fun Miles will be safe - and chances are that you’ll have fun in the process!

+ - I have found a Fun Miles card. What should I do?

If you have found a Fun Miles card, please drop it off at the service desk at Kooyman. We will get in touch with the cardholder in question.

+ - How do I change my personal information?

Go to, log in, click ‘Edit profile’, change your information and save the changes.

+ - I’ve heard about the Kooyman birthday mail; how do I receive it?

The Kooyman birthday email entitles you to 4x extra Fun Miles (on a maximum amount of 250 guilders in purchases). To receive it, you must:

  • have completed at least two transactions at Kooyman during the past 12 months
  • make sure that your Fun Miles profile contains your correct email address
  • make sure that – in your profile – you have checked the box ‘Yes I want to receive fun deals and promotions from Fun Miles and its partnerl’


(To access your Fun Miles profile, go to, log in and click ‘Edit profile’. You can also use the Fun Miles mobile app to edit your profile.

+ - When will my saved Fun Miles be added to my balance?

In most cases, you will receive your Fun Miles direct after your purchase, or one day later. There are a few exceptions. Fun Miles that you save with your bank’s Smart Card (MCB/MCBB/CMB/WIB) are added to your balance once a week, and Fun Miles from ENNIA are added once a month.

Regular Fun Miles from Kooyman will be added to your balance once a week. Kooyman Mega Miles (extra Fun Miles based on your purchase amount) will be added in April, July, October, and December.

+ - What is the value of my Fun Miles in real money?

This varies per partner company. Please ask the partner in question for more information.

+ - I want to transfer my Fun Miles from my old Fun Miles account to my new one. What should I do?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. - Send an email to  and include a photo/scan of your ID, plus the old and new Fun Miles card numbers.
  1. - Visit the Kooyman service desk (Bonaire and St. Maarten). Please bring your ID, your Fun Miles card, and a signed letter with your transfer request.

Please note: in the signed letter, write us how many Fun Miles you would like to transfer, and from which card number to which card number.

+ - What should I do if I want to quit Fun Miles?

Reconsider, of course, because you would be missing out of a lot of free and fun benefits! In all seriousness, however, you always have the option to leave Fun Miles. Please contact our customer service to do so. Your card will be cancelled and your profile deleted.

+ - How can I unsubscribe from Fun Miles newsletters?

Fun Miles sends its cardholders various mailings, including the monthly newsletter full of great offers, events and the latest fun news. If you do not want to receive these, you can unsubscribe by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the newsletter.

+ - Where can I find Fun Miles’ terms & conditions?

On or by clicking ‘Terms & conditions’.

Two secrets to saving Fun Miles superfast!


Register your Fun Miles card at ENNIA and you will automatically receive 1 Fun Mile for every f 5 you spend on your ENNIA insurance payments. With some insurance types, you even get double or triple Fun Miles!

Register now and see all the details.


With your bank Smart Card

That’s right: save Fun Miles EVERY TIME you pay with your MCB Bankomatiko Smart Card! (1 Fun Mile per f 5). Get started by registering your Fun Miles card. You will start saving Fun Miles with ALL your card payments, not just at the Fun Miles partners. (Although when you do shop at those partners, you will earn Fun Miles twice: once from the partner and once from MCB!). Fun Miles and MCB, 2x better together!