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Fun Miles welcomes a new managing director : Wouter de Leeuw


Targeted promotions, beautiful events and new technology”

Fun Miles welcomes a new managing director: Wouter de Leeuw. He has abundant experience in customer engagement for international organizations such as Teleperformance, Concentrix and Schiphol. He managed European companies and is an MBA teacher. At Fun Miles, he not only wants to “keep the brand strong”, but also “surprise cardholders and partners, and serve them even better”.

International background

De Leeuw obtained a Master of Science degree in Business Sciences at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit. He has also worked as an MBA educator himself, at the School for Customer Management in the Netherlands, currently known as the Coniche Business School. De Leeuw has many years of experience in the field of Customer Engagement, commerce and marketing. He managed companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and Poland, and worked for brands such as Nike, Netflix, Tommy Hilfiger and Expedia. During the past two years, he was involved with a big reorganization of client communication at Schiphol, in which technological innovations played a major role.

About his ambitions at Fun Miles

Many of De Leeuw’s fields of experience converge at Fun Miles: customers, partners, marketing and technology. He is excited about the organization: “Fun Miles is a beautiful and strong brand on the islands where we are active. Keeping it that way is a priority. It is our ambition to surprise partners and cardholders, to provide them with even more fun, and to make cardholders’ lives easier and more enjoyable with targeted promotions, beautiful events and the use of new technology. Fun Miles has heavily invested in the latter. This will have to lead to an even better and more focused range of offers and services.”

Personal life

De Leeuw is married, has two daughters and is a sports aficionado. In the Netherlands, he was the leader and trainer of a girls’ soccer team at SV DIOS in Nieuw-Vennep, where he also played soccer himself. In addition, he was active in a cycling club. Fun Miles warmly welcomes its new managing director and wishes him success (as well as fun, of course!)